Big update

1/16/24 9:04pm est

Big website update, the main domain is a directory with links to this blog, to a "message board", and a page that shows random space pictures centered and scaled and cropped to fit.

Next plans: bring them all together (blog has space background and comments on posts), or at least make the blog the homepage again with top links to chat and space pages.

More plans accomplished so far

1/3/24 2:49pm est

Updated style to waste less vertical space.

Plans accomplished so far

1/3/24 2:40pm est

Created a timestamp field, which is now what used to be the post titles. Generated new post titles.

Plans as of below post's timestamp

The future

Add a field for timestamps separate from post titles. A web-based authoring system and database. Post actually cool content.

Christmas Photo

2023-12-29 19-30-00 est

A photo from Christmas

Website Update

2023-12-29 19-15-00 est

Replaced index.html from being only para element with "it works" to this nice little simple blog. Made it easier for me to update this website.

Server Update

Around Nov 2023

Broke the server trying to update the os. Installed update os fresh and reinstalled the web server but better.

Web Server Initiation

Sometime later in summer 2023

Started running a barebones web server on this domain.

New Domain Acquisition

Sometime summer 2023

Got this domain.